The University Honors and Awards initiative began collecting data in 2010 and is an ongoing research effort focused on documenting the impressive history of awards and honors affiliated with Indiana University. In Phase I of the project, culminating with the launch of the website, we focused on 7 award categories and 43 individual awards, locating names of recipients and years of awards along with existing biographical information about these individuals. Some records are complete and others require additional research and writing. For example, the honorary degrees given throughout the 19th century have very little information while the records of current faculty members are more robust.

Phase II of the project expanded the biographical information (accuracy and volume) of the existing awards and added more than 75 alumni awards given by the university and individual campuses, schools, departments, and programs. Additional research awards were added during Phase II of the project as well, highlighting significant national associations and organizations that have recognized former and current faculty.

Moving into Phase III, we are currently researching several philanthropic awards, given by the IU Foundation, in addition to expanding recipient biographical information on earlier awards. The University Honors and Awards website now houses over 8,000 individual recipient records and approximately 150 different awards. We continue to expand and update all records as new information is uncovered.