J. Scott Long


Titled Professor (1998)
Chancellor's Professor Emeritus
Indiana University Bloomington
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Sociology


Professor Long received a B.A. from Juniata College in 1973 (sociology) and a Ph.D. from Cornell in 1977 (sociology). After a one year postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell, he spent 11 years at Washington State University in the Department of Sociology and the Program in Statistics. He joined the faculty of IU in 1989 and was appointed Chair in 1994.

Long specializes in the sociology of science and statistical methods. His work in the sociology of science focuses on processes that affect achievement in science. Most recently this work has focused on factors that affect the career outcomes of women in science. Because of this work, he is currently chairing a panel at the National Academy of Sciences to examine changes in the career experiences of male and female scientists over the past twenty years. His methodological work in sociometrics had developed new methods that facilitate the interpretation of statistical results, unified literatures from diverse fields, and established approaches for the proper application of established techniques.

Long is the author of three monographs, several edited books, and numerous articles. His most recent book, Regression Models for Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables, was published in 1997. Professor Long has served on the editorial board of several journals in statistical and sociology, and edited Sociological Methods and Research from 1987-1994. In 1988, he was elected to the Sociological Research Association.

In 1996, Long received the Edwin Sutherland Teaching Award by the Department of Sociology, Indiana University, 1996, and was awarded the Chancellor's Professorship in 1998 and Distinguished Professor in 2010. He has lectured extensively in quantitative methods, and regularly teaches workshops at professional meetings and universities around the United States.