Louis Shere


Fulbright Award (1959)
Fulbright Award
Indiana University Bloomington


Shere graduated with a Masters from the University of Manitoba, Canada. He taught school in rural Manitoba and became Principal of Green Ridge School (1922-1923) and Cypress River School (1923-1925). He moved to the United States and began working for the New York State Tax Commission (1931-1932). He earned his Doctorate in 1932 from Columbia University, and was part of a committee known as "The Junior Braintrust" that was studying federal finance. In 1934, he joined the United States Treasury and rose through the ranks to become Director of Tax Research (1948). He resigned that post to become an Economics Professor and Tax Research Director at Indiana University (1948-1970), teaching classes in local, state, and federal finance as well as having financial advisory roles to governments of The Philippines (1950) and Puerto Rico (1951). Shere retired in 1970, continuing to do tax consultancy work.