Larry R. Jones



Dr. Jones is an expert in the field of cardiac membrane biochemistry. He is responsible for the discovery and molecular characterization of several key membrane proteins controlling the strength of the heartbeat. These membrane proteins include different ion channels and pumps in cardiac cells required for regulation of intracellular calcium concentration. His research interests center on the cloning and molecular biology of cardiac membrane proteins, understanding second messenger regulation of the heartbeat, and purification and biochemical characterization of membrane proteins responsible for calcium homeostasis.

Dr. Jones received a B.S. (with Highest Distinction) from Purdue University in 1970 (biological sciences) and a Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1974 (biochemistry). He received an M.D. from Indiana in 1975. He joined IU in 1977 and became a Senior Research Associate of the Krannert Institute of Cardiology in 1988.

Dr. Jones is a past Public Health Service Biochemistry Trainee (1970-1973) and Established Investigator of the American Heart Association (1982-1987). He was vice-chairman and chairman of Gordon Research Conferences on Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms in 1989 and 1992. He currently serves on the editorial board of Circulation Research.