Stephen E. Wolverton


Titled Professor (2007)
Theodore Arlook Professor of Dermatology
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Medicine
Department of Dermatology


Dr. Wolverton received his undergraduate degree at Ball State University with a B.S. as a Pre-Med major in 1975. Subsequently he attended medical school at the Indiana University School of Medicine, receiving an M.D. in 1979. Dr. Wolverton initially pursued a career in Family Practice completing his residency at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio in 1982. This residency was followed by a year in a junior faculty position at the same program. After considering a switch to Dermatology for a couple years, Dr. Wolverton initiated his Dermatology career completing his residency at Wright State University, also in Dayton, Ohio, from 1983 through the end of 1985. Subsequent faculty positions have included Wright State University (Fellow Instructor 1986-1987), Ohio State University (1987-1990, including a year as Acting Division Director), and the long-term faculty position in Dermatology at Indiana University (1990-date). His current position is a Clinical Professor of Dermatology, serving as the Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs and was recently named the Theodore Arlook Professor of Dermatology.

Stephen's long-term academic interest has been systemic drug use in Dermatology, focusing on all aspects of Drug Safety, including a recent focus in the complex area of Drug Interactions. He is best known for his series of three books concerning Dermatologic drug therapy: Systemic Drugs for Skin Diseases (published in 1991) and Comprehensive Dermatologic Drug Therapy (initially published in 2001 and most recently in February 2007). At the San Antonio AAD meeting in 2008, Dr. Wolverton began his third 4-year run as leading a symposium on "Therapy and How Drugs Work". He is a frequent visiting professor at various Dermatology residency programs, along with various state and local Dermatologic medical societies, while continuing his strong interest in Dermatology resident education at IU.