Ghassan Kassab



Professor Kassab's research interests are in the areas of vascular networks, coronary circulation in health and disease, tissue remodeling, tissue engineering, simulation of complex biological systems.

"Our current research interests encompass the biomechanics of the cardiovascular system in health and diseases such as hypertension, flow-overload and heart failure. We are interested in the structure-function relationship in the cardiovascular system and in particular the coronary circulation under physiological and patho-physiological states. Our approach includes both experimental and computational studies. We utilize the experimental reductionist approach to dissect the coronary vascular system into its molecular, cellular and tissue components (e.g., nitric oxide, endothelium, micro-structural components of the vessel wall, blood vessel wall, etc.). The computational integrative approach is then used to synthesize the entire coronary vascular circuit to understand the whole organ.