Andrew M. Duggan


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1981)


Andrew Maurice Duggan, a man whose face, characterizations and talents are known to millions and who name is accorded critical respect, has won laurels in theatre, television, and motion pictures. Attending Indiana University as an eager student of theatre and literature, Duggan gained the primary skills and knowledge which launched him into a successful career.

Through both special service divisions assignments during the war, and roles on the New York City stage and television productions, Duggan earned a reputation for excellence that only grew after he moved to the West Coast capital of the entertainment world. His flexibility and depth are unique, in starring or supporting roles, allowing countless audiences to become immersed in the character he portrays.

His devotion to his Alma Mater and the faculty who nurtured him was evident by his frequent assistance and advice to drama students, referred to him from Indiana University. Duggan also participated in alumni affairs, notably as actor, writer, and director of the University's Sesquicentennial Celebration, staged in Los Angeles, and more recently as an alumni lecturer on several of our regional campuses.