D. Walter Robbins, Jr.


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1987)
B.S., 1942; M.S., 1943
Kelley School of Business Academy of Alumni Fellows (1971)
Indiana University Bloomington
B.S., 1942; M.S., 1943


D. Walter Robbins spent the major part of his career with W.R. Grace and Company, providing much of the strategic thinking behind the remarkable transformation of that organization from a small shipping line to one of the world's largest and most successful corporations, and serving ultimately as its vice chairman for planning and development.

Robbins came to Indiana University, earning his B.S. in 1942 and an M.S. in 1943. He served as a counselor for every dean of the School of Business for twenty-five years, helped establish its major professorships, and made his vast network of contacts available to administrators, faculty, and students.