David A. Rothrock, Jr.


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1990)
B.A., 1932; M.A., 1932


David Andrew Rothrock, Jr. was raised in a distinguished faculty family, developing at an early age a dedication to Indiana University. While a student there, he was named to Phi Beta Kappa and received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in chemistry; he later earned a Ph.D. at Brown University.

Rothrock spent his career with Rohm and Haas Corporation, where he was a key player in the evolution of acrylic polymers into marketable commercial and industrial uses. Eventually, he became Assistant Manager of corporate ventures for Rohm and Haas. For more than five decades, Rothrock dedicated himself to the business, civic, social, and cultural life of his community, quickly becoming the contact for IU's alumni program in the Philadelphia area. He also participated frequently in activities on IU's Bloomington campus, helping define and administer an existing scholarship program, and strengthened the math programs in Indiana high schools by providing graduate scholarships for math teachers.