David K. Barnes


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1982)
M.A., 1944; Ph.D., 1947


David Kennedy Barnes entered Indiana University in 1943 to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry. Characterized by high standards, and imbued by the work ethic of his generation, Barnes began his career with Stanolind Oil and Gas Company. He then moved to E.I. DuPont deNemours and Company where he steadily progressed from the status of a productive bench chemist to that of a highly respected, ethnical, wise executive in the top management level.

In 1981 he was named Executive Vice President, Director, and member of the executive committee. He was the primary liaison responsible for the worldwide textile fibers business and the petrochemicals department, responsive to the need for vigorous energy conservation and effective controls on environmental pollution, and with high regard for human welfare and national interests. Dr. Barnes was head of the DuPont team in the acquisition of the Conoco Corporation and the merger transition activity. He served responsibly in community affairs and remained unchanged in integrity, good humor and warmth in human relations.