Dorothy I. Lansing


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1991)
1944; M.D., 1947


Dorothy I. Lansing was a physician, author, and medical historian who gave her time, talent, and treasure to the betterment of her chosen field. While at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, she spearheaded efforts to develop an outstanding historical collection in the field of gynecology. She also served for many years as historian for the Philadelphia Obstetrical Society, published numerous articles and books, and was in high demand as a lecturer.

Dr. Lansing was a civic activist in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where she helped establish a county health department and elected the first physician-coroner. Receiving her AB and MD degrees from Indiana University established a lifelong loyalty to the school; Dr. Lansing with her husband, Dr. Robert Penman, provided initial funding for the Thurman B. Rice Memorial Lectureship in Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the IU School of Medicine. The lectureship enabled researchers to interact more closely with leading scientists in the field, and enhanced the prestige of IU as a research center for STD.