Walter J. Daly


Bicentennial Medal (2020)
Honorary Degree (1998)
Doctor of Science
Location: Indianapolis
Presenter: Myles Brand
School of Medicine Otis R. Bowen Medal (1996)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Medicine


Dr. Daly is Dean Emeritus of the Indiana University School of Medicine. He received a B.A. in 1951 an M.D. in 1955, and a Sc.D. in 1998 from Indiana University. He joined the faculty in 1962 and attained full professorship in 1968. He served as chairman of the Department of Medicine from 1970-1983. From 1977-80 he was named the John B. Hickman Professor of Medicine and in 1980 was named the James O. Ritchey Professor of Medicine, an honor he still holds. Dr. Daly was the seventh Dean of the IU School of Medicine and the seventh Director of the IU Medical Center. He retired from those positions in 1995.

Dr. Daly's responsibilities and affiliations have included: Indiana University Cardiovascular Research Center, Associate Director, 1966-70, Director, 1970-73; Director, Indiana University Hypertension Research Center, 1973-74; Director, Regenstrief Institute for Health Care Research, 1976-84.

Dr. Daly has been active in several professional organizations, including the American College of Physicians, the American Medical Association, the American Clinical and Climatological Association, the Association of American Physicians, the Central Society for Clinical Research, and the American Society for Clinical Investigation. In 2020, Daly received Indiana University's Bicentennial Medal in recognition of his distinguished contributions and longstanding support of the university.