Everett S. Dean


IUB Athletics Hall of Fame (1982)
Z.G. Clevenger Award (1963)
B.A., 1921; M.S., 1938
Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1960)
B.A., 1921; M.S., 1938


Everett Sterling Dean was known among colleagues and competitors as "the gentleman from Indiana," respected across the land wherever the cause of athletics was championed. His early days of success as a coach brought Indiana University three Big 10 titles in basketball, and a similar number in baseball, before his love for good sports teaching moved him westward to Stanford. Dean continued to build sound studies in athletic education, and generously placed the rich fruits of experience at the disposal of all who would benefit from them. During his later years, Dean returned to his native state as a teacher of stature who had graced playing fields and courts across the nation.

He was IU's first basketball All-American and the only coach in basketball and baseball Halls of Fame.
Everett won the NCAA basketball title in 1942 as coach at Stanford.