Hugh A. Barnhart


Z.G. Clevenger Award (1979)
B.A., 1915
Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1971)
B.A., 1915


In his collegiate days, Hugh Arthur Barnhart lettered in every endeavor to which he laid his hand as a varsity athlete and student leader. His distinguished career in business and publishing, an accomplishment by itself, was complemented by his outstanding service in a variety of key state positions and in several federal assignments as well. In clear respect of his abilities, his associates in professional and service organizations elected him to local, state and national offices. An allegiance to his native locals in the city of Rochester has been the source of his broadest efforts and of his greatest pride. Barnhart was devoted to his Alma Mater, with a record tenure of fifty-six years as guiding spirit of his class; well worthy of special recognition by fellow alumni.