John L. Young


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1954)
B.S., 1921


John Larkin Young graduated from Indiana University in 1921, after serving in World War I. After graduation, John worked for his father, owner of Young Car Co., for a year, and then joined Timken Roller Bearing in Canton, Ohio.

In 1930, John went to Pittsburgh as a development engineer, then returned to Canton as assistant general manager. In 1936, he joined United Engineering and Foundry to develop steel mill equipment and machinery. John was sent to Japan to plan, engineer, equip, and select a site for a steel mill that would use his company's machinery and systems. The mill was in operation three months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

In 1941, the U.S. Defense Plant Corp. hired John to design and supervise construction in Trentwood, Washington, of what then was the nation's biggest aluminum rolling mill. He became a U.S. Steel vice president in 1958, when he was named to the Atlantic Union Committee to encourage industrial cooperation among free world nations.