John S. Grimes


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1980)
B.A., 1929; J.D-B., 1931


John Samuel Grimes was a remarkable man with a broad range of scholarly interests. He displayed great intellect and discipline early on, leading to a bachelor's degree with distinction, in history and the classics, and graduated at the top of his class in the School of Law. Even before his career has started he was given honors such as Phi Beta Kappa, the editorship of the Indiana Law Journal, and election to the Order of the Coif at Indiana University.

Grimes began a successful career as a practitioner of law and as one of the most stimulating professors of law on the Indianapolis faculty. He also served on influential commissions and committees within his profession; clearly a mark of his colleagues' respect and trust. His humanistic legal philosophy believed that legal scholarship should extend beyond the canon of judicial decisions and legislative acts, reaching even to the social development of mankind under varying cultural conditions.

As a result of Grimes' wide-ranging intellectual interest, he continued his study of history, archaeology and anthropology throughout his life, and all over the world. He was awarded with the Distinguished Alumni Service Award from Indiana University, in honor of his skill at pedagogy, professional success, and significant publications.