John Thomas Hackett


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1988)
B.S., 1954; M.B.A., 1958
Kelley School of Business Academy of Alumni Fellows (1982)
Indiana University Bloomington
BS., 1954; MBA., 1958


Highly motivated and self-disciplined, John Thomas Hackett was an internationally recognized leader in the field of corporate finance. As a student in Indiana University's School of Business, Hackett was challenged by inspirational mentors, and earned both BS and MBA degrees. After graduation, Hackett expressed his gratitude for their positive influence on his life, and served on the Dean's Advisory Council.

Hackett's career began as an employee of the Federal Reserve System, after which he became an integral part of the management team of the Cummins Engine Company, one of the best managed corporations in America. During his long career there, Hackett rose to the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial officer, using his innovative, creative skills to develop new business and spearhead international expansion, specifically in the People's Republic of China; all while maintaining the capital structure of his company. He became known, nationwide, as a speaker, writer, and corporate director.

Serving the State of Indiana, Hackett was involved in important commissions, analyzing legislation to improve the performance of public utilities and commercial banks, and educational loans to young Hoosiers. His loyalty extended to IU's sister institution, Ohio State University, where he received a PhD, served on its alumni councils, and received its accolades as well.