John V. Barnett, Sr.


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1980)


John Vincent Barnett was a hearty Hoosier whose distinguished career in public service made him an authority on tax and fiscal policy in the state of Indiana. He participated in the development of programs for statistical and accounting procedures in county welfare offices, state financing of public school systems, reorganization of school districts, restructuring of the Department of State Revenue, and modernization of laws applying to local government to assure a higher degree of home rule; and he was a trusted legislative consultant. He was a member of the study commission whose recommendation led to the creation of the Indiana Vocational Technical College, which he continuously served as a trustee, for two years as chairman of the board, and as its interim president.

At the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce, he rose from departmental assignments to the office of president and chief executive, and he was honored by the National Council of the Chamber by election to its presidency. With devotion to duty and insistence on honesty and fair dealing, he contributed substantially to the betterment of commerce, industry and the general welfare of the citizens of the state of Indiana. His association with Indiana University was constant and enthusiastic, ever since his undergraduate days, culminating in the presidency of the Alumni Association.