Joseph O. Butcher


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1965)
B.A., 1936


Joseph Orville Butcher was trained in his youth in the military arts, in his later achievements he successfully fulfilled the promise of his early years. Moving steadily through the arduous path of military advancement, he was given the star of Brigadier General in the United States Marine Corps, well and truly earned through war and peacetime service alike; he then stood as chief responsible officer for supplying the far-flung legions of the Marine Corps throughout the world.

In addition to plaudits which came to him in his professional endeavors, he earned honor and respect in each civilian community in which he has served, finding time and for the sharing of his friendly spirit and boundless energy whenever called upon. Shining brightly through the busy years of his life was continued devotion to Indiana University, evidenced wherever possible in furtherance of the mission of the Alumni Association.