Lowell H. Steen


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1983)
B.S., 1945; M.D., 1948
School of Medicine Distinguished Alumni Award (1982)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Medicine
B.S., 1945; M.D., 1948


Lowell Harrison Steen is one of Indiana University School of Medicine's most eminent graduates, and a leader in the organizational affairs of his profession. A dedicated internist and cardiologist in northern Indiana, he maintains personal relationships with his patients, and a deep concern for the social, economic, and political aspects of medical care. He has been an enthusiastic participant in numerous state and national associations concerned with his specialties.

As president of the Indiana State Medical Association, he brought wisdom and understanding to bear on the critical issues of quality care and cost containment in hospitals in his state and nation; as chairman of the council of the World Medical Association he added international acclaim to his record of achievements; and as board member and two-term chairman of the board of trustees of the American Medical Association, the first Indiana physician elected to that prestigious post, he served as chief spokesman for the medical profession nationally and internationally.

As a fellow of the American College of Physicians, Dr. Steen was named Distinguished Internist of the Year by the American Society of Internal Medicine in 1980. As a life member of the IU Alumni Association and a one-term Alumni Council member, he has always given interest and support to IU, and the university proudly recognizes as an alum, this remarkable physician who has greatly influenced the practice of medicine.