Magdalene Z. Fuller


IUPUI Spirit of Philanthropy Award (1995)
Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1989)
B.S.N., 1959; M.S.N., 1960


Magdalene Fuller served Indiana University with rare distinction for more than 25 years. An experienced registered nurse when she came to IU to earn a B.S. in Nursing and a M.S. in Nursing Educations, she moved to high level administration in the School of Nursing.

Professor Fuller was a compassionate, witty teacher and a superb role model, motivating her students to mature academically, professionally, and personally. She led the way in fostering curriculum development focused on health promotion and primary health care; her commitment to teaching excellence extended and enhanced the reputation of the School of Nursing for its pioneer role in the systematic use of telecommunications as a teaching methodology in nursing education. Professor Fuller served as project director for numerous research projects in nursing, and her competence in the preparation and analysis of research proposals brought her national recognition and a demand for her services as an expert consultant.

She served on many departmental and all-university committees, was active in the Indiana State Nurses Association, the Indiana Nurses Foundation, and other professional organizations. As a well-known lecturer and writer, Professor Fuller contributed richly to IU's objectives and ideals through her effective teaching style, her leadership, and her vision of the future.