Maurice L. Bluhm


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1954)
B.A., 1913


Maurice Louis Bluhm devoted his life to practicing law, and in those years he attained a position of pre-eminence among his colleagues in the legal profession. In his own field of the law, as applied to transportation, he became Vice President and Chief Counsel of one of the great railroad systems of the nation. As an active participant in the work of his Church, he gave much time and countless resources to the furtherance of the religious life of his community. He was unsparing of himself in providing leadership in many public enterprises in the Chicago area.

An active alumnus and past president of the Indiana University Club of Chicago, he set an example of never failing interest in the affairs of the University. He identified himself with improvement of University Athletic endeavors and his experience and wise counsel had much to do with the increasing strength of the intercollegiate athletics program of Indiana University