Mercedes Hurst


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1976)
B.A., 1924


Mercedes Janet Hurst developed strong talents for the journalistic arts as a student at Indiana University, becoming a front-page personality in the influential fields of advertising and public relations in the Midwest. As a representative of Commonwealth Edison, she produced exhibits, radio programs, and promotional publications for home appliances which literally "electrified" mid-America.

Mercedes was the first person called upon to formulate a program to carry the meaning of America from a billion-dollar corporation to its women stockholders, employees and consumers. She was a key executive of International Harvest Company, known as "the traveling saleslady", speaking from coast to coast, stressing the importance of the individual.

Her career included free-lance promotion for musical personalities, publication of booklets on the use of electricity, and volunteer work for her church, her political party and numerous social agencies. She has been honored and recognized by the prestigious organizations of her profession.