Thomas M. Miller


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1988)
B.S., 1952
Kelley School of Business Academy of Alumni Fellows (1981)
Indiana University Bloomington
BS., 1952


Thomas M. Miller's distinguished career in banking made him an authority on fiscal affairs in the state of Indiana. He came to Indiana University, as a student, for training to qualify him in the world of finance, and augmented his studies with activities in athletics, music, and the arts. After receiving a graduated degree in banking from the University of Wisconsin, Miller joined the Indiana National Bank, eventually becoming Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the bank, and of Indiana National Corporation.

The community in Indianapolis considered Miller a leader who brought together diverse resources to achieve a common civic and economic good. He dedicated his time and counsel to the Board of Advisors of Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, the IU Foundation, the Wellhouse Society, the Varsity Club, the Alumni Association, and his fraternity.