Thomas N. Mathers


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1979)
B.A., 1936; LL.B-B., 1939


Thomas Nesbit Mathers was born into a lifelong allegiance to Indiana University, as the son of a distinguished faculty family. He received an undergraduate degree as well as a law degree from IU, interposed by a graduate degree from the Harvard School of Business. While studying at IU, Mathers was also a varsity swimmer.

After graduating, Mathers entered the world of finance as an investment analyst; counselor of high integrity, and a leader in the movement to bring professionalism to the field of investments. Establishing the Mathers Fund, he very quickly gained the admiration and respect of his peers, in addition to the individuals and organizations it served. Mathers gave freely of his time in church and civic endeavors, served as a trustee of the Union League Foundation for Boys Clubs, and was an active and constructive member of corporation and college boards. Mathers was one of the most loyal participants in the activities of the IU Alumni Club of Chicago, and served it at all levels, including as president.