F. Thomas Schornhorst


W. George Pinnell Award for Outstanding Service (1992)
Indiana University Bloomington
Maurer School of Law


In more than 30 years of teaching, Professor Schornhorst taught primarily in the areas of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Torts, and Admiralty. He retired in 1998.

Schornhorst approached his teaching with the same "fire in the belly" style that punctuates all his work, and it is this energy and enthusiasm that made him a legend in the Law School.

In his years at Indiana Law, Schornhorst developed several clinical programs in the school, including Inmate Legal Assistance Project, a clinical experience for law students who assist federal prisoners in evaluating post-conviction claims. He has been an inspiration to students for his tireless commitment to the representation of indigent clients in death penalty cases. Because of his extraordinary record of public service, he was awarded Indiana University Distinguished Service Award.