Susan J. Eklund


W. George Pinnell Award for Outstanding Service (2001)
Indiana University Bloomington
School of Education


Susan J. Eklund received her Ph.D. from George Peabody College at Vaderb in 1970.

As part of the Indiana University faculty at Bloomington, Eklund served as a Professor and the Byron A. Root Professor in Aging in the School of Education. She served as the Director of the Indiana University Center on Aging and the Aged, an Associate Dean of Faculties in the School of Education and the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

Her service is not limited to the School of Education. Few scholars have been asked to serve so consistently in elected, appointed and consultative roles in her field—gerontology. She has held leadership positions in a variety of national organizations and at the state and local levels.

Eklund also has served in various posts within the university. In her 31 years at IU, her successes have left an indelible impression on colleagues from one end of campus to another.
Eklund has garnered this respect through a combination of perseverance, grace under pressure and high regard for the institution she calls home.