Candace Mae Keller


Fulbright Award (2003)
Fulbright Hays Award
Location: Mali


Candace Keller earned MA and PhD degrees from the Department of the History of Art at Indiana University, where she majored in African art (including contemporary African art and photography) and minored in African Studies and African American art. Her research focuses on the history of photography in Africa, particularly in Mali, with an emphasis on local theoretical perspectives and aesthetics. Along with her passion for teaching and learning, two fundamental forces drive Candace's instructional pursuits: the desire to promote respect for intellectual and cultural diversity and variant life views, and the will to bring the rich complexities of African art, culture, and theoretical ideas to Western audiences. Her research and courses center on issues of identity, personhood, and complex agency; globalization and the flow of material culture; nationalism and postcolonialism; and the power of art and aesthetics in international contexts.