Summer Johnson


Wells Senior Recognition Award (2003)
Fulbright Award (2003)
Fulbright IIE
Location: Malaysia


Dr. Summer Johnson McGee graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in philosophy and a B.A. in bioethics (through the Individualized Major Program).

She received the Richard D. Young Award for Development of a New Major (2003). She simultaneously completed undergraduate training in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Worcester College, Oxford University in 2001-2002. At IU she received the Lilly Community Endowment Fellowship (4 years), and was Chancellor's Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key, and Phi Eta Sigma.

Summer completed a Ph.D. in bioethics and health policy at the Berman Institute of Bioethics at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Prior to beginning her training at Hopkins, she earned a Fulbright award, with which she studied in Malaysia.

Summer is currently an associate professor at New Haven University.