R. Paul Musgrave


Mitchell Scholar (2004)
Indiana University Bloomington
Wells Senior Recognition Award (2004)
Indiana University Bloomington


Paul obtained bachelor's degrees in Political Science and History from Indiana University (Bloomington), where he was the founder and editor-in-chief of Hoosier Review, an online news and commentary publication that was the university's principal alternative news source, and a columnist for the Indiana Daily Student on international, national, and campus issues. He had been an elected county delegate to Indiana Republican conventions, participated actively in both state and national campaigns, and served as an intern in the office of Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana).

As a Mitchell Scholar, he completed a master's in Politics at University College Dublin, and was an active commentator on American politics in the Irish media. Upon returning from Ireland, Paul worked as assistant editor for the bi-monthly journal, Foreign Affairs. He currently lives in Yorba Linda, California, where he works as special assistant to the director of the newly federal Richard Nixon Presidential Library.