William H. Wolfe


Wells Senior Recognition Award (1970)
Indiana University Bloomington
Rhodes Scholar (1970)
Indiana University Bloomington


Bill Wolfe earned a B.S. in finance from Indiana University, studied politics and economics at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, and wrote his dissertation on economics at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business.

Wolfe started his career working with startup companies. From there, he became the Country Manager of Waste Management for Saudi Arabia, which, essentially, was a 4,000 man operation effort to put power plants on landfills. He was also a consultant for McKinsey and Co., and a leader of strategy, cost reduction and reorganization efforts at Combustion Engineering.

Before entering the public service sphere, Wolfe worked as a management consultant and a staff line manager in private industry. Then, entering the public service phase of his career, he was a member of the Taxpayer Action Board and Managing Deputy Budget Director for the City of Chicago. He was then named Deputy Director of Planning and Performance Management at the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services at FirstGuard Technologies.