Miles E. Taylor


Marshall Scholar (2011)
Indiana University Bloomington
Stahr Senior Award (2010)
Indiana University Bloomington
Truman Scholarship (2009)
Indiana University Bloomington


When senior year rolls around, some college students try to enjoy their last year at their alma mater with a light course load. Not Indiana University Bloomington senior Miles Taylor.

Juggling school and his internship, preparing for life after graduation, managing his on-campus activities and trying to squeeze in a social life is all in a day's work for Taylor, who is majoring in political science and international security studies through IU's Individualized Major Program.

In September, Taylor was named the university's inaugural Presidential Student Intern, an initiative intended to provide high-achieving undergraduates with the opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills and to contribute to the university in a meaningful way.

Taylor will work this semester with the IU Office of the Vice President for Planning and Policy to review IU's current emergency preparedness plans and try to make the plans more accessible to administrators.

Upon arriving at IU as a freshman, Taylor was named a Wells Scholar. The merit-based Wells Scholarship is awarded to just 18-20 freshmen each year and provides recipients with full tuition, course-related fees and a living stipend for four years of undergraduate study, provided they maintain a 3.4 GPA (Taylor's GPA is a 4.0).

Taylor is also the 17th student in IU's history to receive the prestigious Truman Scholarship, an award for college juniors who exhibit exceptional leadership potential and are interested in pursuing careers in nonprofit sectors, government, education or in other public service sectors. The scholarship provides students with financial support of up to $30,000 for fellowships, to attend graduate school, or for leadership training and allows for special internship opportunities within the federal government, as well as career counseling.

As a Northern Indiana native (from La Porte), Taylor is a Notre Dame fan and at one time was considering attending college there -- if IU didn't win him over.

Taylor proved that in 2006, when he started the Student Alliance for National Security (SANS), a nonpartisan campus group dedicated to promoting national defense and global security issues that engages students in discussion and gives them a public voice on those issues. "If someone were to start an organization like mine at a smaller university, there might only be a small number of members, where at IU we could have 80 to 100 members," he said.

Being an IU student has opened other doors for Taylor. He took time off from school (January to August 2008) to work in Washington, D.C., as an intern in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Office of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Taylor will leave campus again in the spring to study abroad at Kings College in London focusing on international conflict in the school's renowned war studies department.

In addition to his internship, studying, attending classes and planning activities for SANS, Taylor takes advantage of Bloomington's beautiful running trails. He and his girlfriend have participated in the Chicago Marathon twice.