Walter A. Konetzka


Frederic Bachman Lieber Memorial Award (1965)
Indiana University Bloomington
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Bacteriology


Professor Konetzka is remembered for his energy, charisma, and dedication to teaching. A former staff member recalls, "He inspired academic excellence. He paid attention. He could concentrate ferociously on a process, an idea, or a person. He was effortlessly creative and could confront an issue or a problem and see solutions other people didn't see."

During his 37-year career at Indiana University, Professor Konetzka taught approximately 11,500 students. For his efforts, he received many teaching awards, including IU's Frederick Bachman Lieber Award for Distinguished Teaching, the Carski Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award from the American Society for Microbiology, the IUB College of Arts and Sciences-Graduate School Alumni Teaching Award, three Senior Class Teaching awards, and four Senior Class Awards for Teaching Excellence in Biology and Dedication to Undergraduates.

His dedication to teaching carried over into his role as an administrator. While Konetzka served as coordinator for undergraduate programs in biology, he developed the Core BS Biology Program, a series of challenging honors courses designed to train professional biologists. He also served on committees for the American Academy for Microbiology and the American Institute of Biology to shape curriculum for biology students nationally.