Dennis W. Pett


Herman Frederic Lieber Award (1976)
Indiana University Bloomington
School of Informatics
Department of Instructional Systems Technology


Dennis W. Pett received his first diploma in Photographic Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1949. Later, he received a B.S., as well as earning an M.A. and Ph.D. in Audio Visual Communication from Indiana University.

Pett's career was spent in education. He was offered the opportunity of a joint appointment between Indiana University's School of Education and the Audio Visual Center, which he took in 1951 and held until 1989. While maintaining his administrative duties, Pett taught several courses ranging in the subjects of Photography, Graphics, Visual Perception, and Media Utilization.

Professor Pett has led numerous workshops on various topics such as Material design and Development, Color Theory and Visual Literacy, and has been responsible for many institutes, including the Institute for Effective Communication and the Institute of Professional Development. He is a member and a past Executive Secretary of the International Visual Literacy Association, and a former Editor of the Visual Literacy Newsletter. Pett has also written many articles on Audio Visual Production, Instructional Media, and Visual Literacy.