Thomas R. Vander Ven


Herman Frederic Lieber Award (1985)
Indiana University South Bend
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of English


Thomas R. Vander Ven received his B.A. in 1961, and his M.A. in 1963, both in English from the University of Michigan. He then earned his Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Colorado in 1967.

Vander Ven was appointed to the faculty at Indiana University in South Bend in 1967. As a Professor of English, he taught courses on creative, technical, and expository writing, American literature, and literature and history of the American Civil War. He left IU in 2001. From 2005 to 2008, Vander Ven was the Director of the Writing Center at the Athletics Association for the University of Georgia. During 2008, he served as an instructor in English, also at the University of Georgia.