J. Colleen Berry


Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award (1995)
Indiana University Bloomington
Department of East Asian Studies


J. Colleen Berry received her Ph.D. from Indiana University; as a graduate student there, she was selected as a recipient of the Leiber Award for Outstanding Teaching for her work as an Assistant Instructor in Chinese language classes.

For over twelve years, Colleen worked as a tour director in China, leading a total of forty-three tours. She has taught Chinese and Japanese language, as well as Chinese literature and Chinese civilization classes at the University of Manitoba. Her areas of interest are Modern and Classical Chinese literature, Second Language Acquisition, Gender Studies, and various aspects of Chinese history and culture. She has spent more than ten years living, working, and studying in China, Taiwan and Japan.

Currently an Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies in Languages at the University of North Dakota, her research interests focus on the work of the modern Hong Kong writer, Lilian Lee (Li Bihua) and on the intersection of classical and modern Chinese literature in Lee's works. She was recently awarded the 2010 Study Abroad Champion Award, which formally recognizes individuals on campus that champion and advance study abroad.