Christine Rogan


Part-Time Teaching Award (2004)
Indiana University East
School of Liberal Arts
Department of Music Humanities & Fine Arts


A great music teacher has the ability to inspire in her students an appreciation for music that will last a lifetime. Christine Rogan has touched many lives during her more than 20 years at the university. Under her tutelage, the IU East music program has blossomed from a single music appreciation class to a burgeoning program with six instructors and 25 classes housed in the wing of a brand-new building.
When Rogan was first hired at IU East in 1986, her goal was to build up the nascent program and then to engage students who were "underexposed and overwhelmed by the environment of music I attempted to provide." Getting non-traditional students to make room in their evening schedules for classical music concerts was a challenge, but one that Rogan faced gladly when she created the Auditorium Series, a class that allows students to learn about music by attending live performances.

Rogan is active in the arts community beyond campus as well. She acts as host, producer and director of "Focus on the Arts," a public access program of her creation; teaches piano lessons and serves as accompanist and director with the Earlham College Madrigal Singers and Richmond Symphony Chorus; and acts in several music director capacities at Central United Methodist Church. For two years, Rogan served as a coach, accompanist and pianist at the prestigious Interlochen Music festival.

Perhaps most gratifying for Rogan is having the continued opportunity to share her love of classical music with an audience who, if not for her, might never have been exposed to it. Of her students, she said: "They are just waiting for someone to fill them up with alternative possibilities of interest toward their future. I am grateful for the opportunity to positively affect even a small percentage of these young people's lives."