Joyce J. Lucke


Part-Time Teaching Award (1999)
School of Liberal Arts
Department of Anthropology - at Columbus


Anthropology at IUPU Columbus has had no full-time faculty member, yet Joyce Lucke has developed enough courses that students can now earn a minor in the field. The student club she advises, Anthropak, is one of the most successful on campus, and she and her students work with the Dian Fossey Gorrilla Fund. She has directed six independent studies in anthropology--a seventh is in progress--that have resulted in four research paper presentations by students at the Central States Anthropological Society. Many students credit her classes for changing the way they look at the world and its diverse cultures.

Lucke's teaching skills previously have been recognized by the Jacqueline D. Frans Excellence in Teaching Award and the IU Teaching Excellence Award. In January, she was among the first IUPU Columbus part-time faculty to be named adjunct lecturers-mentors, in honor of exceptional commitment to teaching. The one-year, full-time position will allow her to continue work in the classroom, while taking on additional responsibilities in working with other part-time faculty members and as manager of the Teachers Network.