Linda K. Young


Part-Time Teaching Award (2009)
Indiana University South Bend
School of Education
Department of Elementary Education


Linda Young received her A.A. from Ancilla College in 1977. She also holds a B.A. from 1987 and a M.S. from 1997 in Elementary Education from Indiana University at South Bend.

Prior to joining the faculty at Indiana University, Young served as an elementary educator, and as a preschool director. She is now the Director of Student Teaching & Field Experiences in the School of Education at IU. In addition to her student and field teaching, she is a member of the associate faculty, with Merit Status, at Indiana University at South Bend.

Her research interests include instructional technology, Native American issues in education, multicultural education, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues in education and student teacher persistence, retention and performance.