Maan M. Omran


Part-Time Teaching Award (2002)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Science
Department of Mathematics


Maan M. Omran is well aware that many students approach mathematics with the anxiety befitting a trek to Mount Everest's peak.

Since joining the IUPUI mathematical sciences faculty in 1984 as a part-time associate faculty member, Omran has "guided" nearly 10,000 students in seven different math courses. An overwhelming majority of his students have enjoyed the journey, and in recognition of these talents, Omran has received four Teaching Excellence Recognition Awards and IUPUI's 2001 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Part-Time Faculty Member.

Omran's contributions go beyond the classroom. For the past several years, he has assisted in the ongoing development and maintenance of the instructional Web pages for almost all the developmental and introductory math courses. And as a veteran instructor, he volunteers to mentor new part-time lecturers, sharing syllabi and assignment lists and detailing the positive and negative attributes of each—not to mention giving organizational, logistical and technical guidance.

With Omran as a guide, it's clear more students are navigating the sometimes bumpy road to math.