J. Vincent Peterson


President's Award for Teaching (1994)
Indiana University South Bend
School of Education


J. Vincent Peterson received his A.B. in 1959, and his Ph.D. in 1970 from the University Illinois. He is a Professor Emeritus of Education in the Division of Education at Indiana University in South Bend.

Peterson is the author of Responsibilities of Counselors to Social Issues, and a Co-editor of Orientation to Counseling, a textbook that is used nationally. He has also published a column in USA Today on approaches to the nation's drug and alcohol issues. Vincent is the creator of the theoretical model of a "whole" -- physically and mentally well -- person and conducts "holistic training" of school and private psychological counselors. He is also the founder of and a frequent speaker on "High Level Wellness," a way to manage national health-care costs by maximizing individual health.