Lian-Hwang Chiu


President's Award for Teaching (1992)
Indiana University Kokomo
School of Education


Lian-Hwang Chiu received his Ed.D. from Columbia University in 1968. He is a Professor of Educational Psychology at Indiana University at Kokomo.

Chiu conducted a study on cross-cultural psychology in 1972, testing more than 200 Chinese and 300 American children. The test consisted of showing each child a series of cards, each card containing a picture of three items. The child was then asked to indicate which two objects were alike or went together. For example, if a card showed a cow, a chicken, and a patch of grass, most of the American children picked the chicken and cow explaining that ''both are animals.'' The Chinese children typically put the cow and grass together because ''cows eat grass.'' Most researchers believe the difference in the answers can be found in their cultural backgrounds and upbringing.