Mary I. Goetze


President's Award for Teaching (1991)
Indiana University Bloomington
Jacob's School of Music
Department of Musical Education


Mary has been one of the driving forces of the children's choir movement in the United States for decades. Her compositions and arrangements have reached multitudes of children's choirs (published in the Mary Goetze Choral Series, Boosey & Hawkes). And her research and presentations on children's voices have influenced music teachers throughout the world. She served as coordinating author for two series books published by Macmillan/McGraw‐Hill: Spotlight on Music (2005) and Share the Music (1995). In 1991 she co‐founded the Mountain Lake Colloquium, a biannual conference for teachers of music methods. It has become a major influence in music teacher education, more recently expanded through a unique professional journal. Dr. Goetze has also been in demand as clinician and conductor both nationally and internationally.

In recent years Mary has worked to advance diversity through choral music education, creating the field of international choral music where all musics and the cultures that beget them are valued. Her term for this approach is "social justice through music." In 1995 she founded the International Vocal Ensemble (IVE) in the IU Jacobs School of Music (JSOM), an ensemble that recreates vocal music from around the globe. To bring world choral music and musicians to IVE, Dr. Goetze has gone to the cultures themselves and lived and worked with the people—always according them the utmost respect. Because of her approach, she has been accepted in these communities. In order to make music of diverse cultures accessible for classrooms and choirs beyond IVE, she and Jay Fern have authored a series of interactive CD‐ROMs and DVDs. Global Voices offers students experiences with music of a variety of countries, including South Africa, Japan, Hungary, Azerbaijan, and New Zealand. Mary's involvement with the Lotus World Music Festival board is another reminder that her commitment to multiculturalism is far‐reaching. Several of Mary's projects have been funded by IU's Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center.

At JSOM Mary now has a dual appointment in music and general studies and the choral department. She led the area of general studies from its infancy to its current position as a destination for non‐majors from across the IU community. Her vision in expanding the general studies offerings has been central to enlarging JSOM's mission. Faculty and students alike have found her to be insightful and supportive, always willing to volunteer advice, ideas, and resources. Mary's initial IU appointment was in the music education department from 1977 to 1998. During that time she was also the co‐founder and director of the IU Children's Choir (1980–1995). Earlier in her career (1970–1983), she taught music in several Bloomington schools, developing a well‐regarded music program for the Elm Heights Elementary School. Countless numbers of children have benefited from Mary's innovative approaches and musical guidance.

Throughout her long and distinguished career, Mary has been the recipient of numerous awards, the most recent being the Building Bridges 2007 Faculty Award from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration Committee and the R. L. Jones Distinguished Professorship at the Fletcher School of Music, East Carolina University (fall 2005). Other notable awards include the Distinguished Alum of 2003 (Oberlin Conservatory of Music), the 1999 Outstanding Hoosier Musician (Indiana Music Educators
Association), and the 1997 Faculty Award (IU Commission on Multicultural Understanding). She also received a President's Award in Recognition of Distinguished Teaching from Indiana University (1991) and a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the
University of Colorado College of Music (1992), and she was named Outstanding Educator of the Year by the Organization of American Kodály Educators (1993). In 1996 Dr. Goetze was awarded a grant from Indiana University for a project entitled "Multicultural Music Education" that allowed her to do research in Zimbabwe and South Africa in 1997 and 1998.