Morteza Shafii-Mousavi


President's Award for Teaching (1998)
Indiana University South Bend
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematical Sciences


Shafii-Mousavi's students often find themselves thinking: "Why am I enjoying this so much when I can't stand math?" He reaches out to every student, whether that person is a math whiz or someone with a history of struggling with numbers. Shafii-Mousavi explains: "I do not seek to shape students according to my patterns of solving problems, but rather involve them in creating examples, constructing proof and solving problems. I teach the students I have, not the students I wish to have." He works as part of IUSB's Teaching Consultation Team to help other faculty members increase their effectiveness, and received the IUSB Distinguished Teaching Award in 1997, the Teaching Excellence Recognition Award in 1996-97 and was honored by the Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching in 1991.