Edward E. Edwards


Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1982)
B.S., 1928; M.S., 1934


Edward Everett Edwards came to Indiana University from Bloomfield, Indiana, to earn the B.S. degree in 1928 and the M.S. in 1934. He was Indiana State Director for the National Youth Administration for a year and then head of the Division of Research and Statistics of the Indiana State Department of Financial Institutions, which developed, among other legislation, the first regulation of time-sales financing in the nation.

Mr. Edwards joined IU's faculty in 1936, played an important role in the life of Indiana University as a principal advisor to the administration of the university and of the School of Business, and was for many years Associate Director of the Graduate School of Savings and Loan. His national fame in the field of finance and real estate led to service as a consultant to the White House and other top departments of the Federal government, as well as to financial institutions the private sector of the American economy, and universities.