S. Miles Standish


School of Dentistry Distinguished Alumni Award (1999)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Dentistry
D.D.S. 1945, M.S.D. 1956


S. Miles Standish was a professor emeritus of dental diagnostic sciences and oral pathology at Indiana University School of Dentistry. He graduated from the IUSD in 1945 with a D.D.S. and a M.S.D. in oral pathology and periodontics in 1956. He joined the faculty in 1947 and remained with IU until his retirement in 1988. Standish served in a variety of positions including professor and associate dean. Throughout his career, he won numerous awards including the 1999 DIstinguished Alumni Award from IUSD.

Standish received an honorable discharge from the United States Naval Reserve in 1983, after serving in the U.S. Navy from 1945-1947 and continuing in the U.S. Naval Reserve, Dental Corps until his retirement, where he achieved the rank of Captain. Also, in 1974, he was officially recognized as a member of the General Society of the Mayflower Descendants, Society #717. Standish served as Captain of the Indiana Society of Mayflower Descendents Committee for 2003.