Ralph E. Broyles


School of Dentistry Distinguished Service Award (1973)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Dentistry
A.B., 1932; M.A., 1933; Ph.D., 1942


Dr. Ralph E. Broyles came to the Indiana University Extension Center in 1941 as an instructor in chemistry. In 1950, he became Assistant Director. In 1966, he was appointed dean of the Fort Wayne Campus of Indiana University. Dr. Broyles retired in 1975 and died On August 16, 1975.

During Dr. Broyles' administration, the center developed from an adult education institution to part-time student work to full-time education for high school graduates who wanted to do the first two years of course work in Fort Wayne. Eventually four-year programs were added during his administration. Dr. Broyles received degrees from Indiana University (A.B., 1932; M.A., 1933; Ph.D., 1942).