Anita Aldrich


Leanne Grotke Award (2008)
IUB Athletics Hall of Fame (1996)


Anita was a forerunner in women's athletics at IU since 1964. She was professor of Education and the chair of Women's Physical Education in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Anita was acting Dean of the School of HPER from 1975-1976. Anita was the chair of combined Departments of Physical Education for men and women from 1977-1980. She was the first woman appointed to the Athletics Committee in 1971 and served as chair from 1978-1985. Anita wrote "The Development of Women's Intercollegiate Athletics at Indiana University from 1972-1992". Anita was the National President of the American Association for HPER, 1962-1963. Anita was the women's advisor to President Kennedy's Council for Physical Fitness, 1961. She was Who's Who of American Women in 1967, Outstanding Educators of America in 1971. Anita received the Honor Award of the American Association for HPER in 1960 and the Leadership Recognition Award of Indiana Association of HPER for distinguished Service and Outstanding Contributions in HPER, the Award for Outstanding Service in the Advancement of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation from the Athletic Institute. She was a member of the American Academy of Physical Education and was an advisor and consultant to the IU Athletic Department.