Mildred Burgher


Bill Orwig Award (1982)


Mildred C. "Mid" Burgher was one of Indiana University's biggest basketball fans and a "Mom Away from Home" to generations of IU athletes. A native of Bloomington, she and her husband, Robert "Bob" Burgher, owned and operated the former Burgher's Grill for 20 years. The restaurant was a popular spot for IU athletes and students, and was decorated with numerous sports photos.

An avid sports fan since the 1940s, Burgher cheered Hoosier basketball teams coached by Branch McCracken to Bob Knight, and IU football teams and their coaches, including Lee Corso and Clyde Smith. The Burghers were present in Philadelphia for the 1976 basketball championship and the Hoosiers' Rose Bowl performance in 1968.

In 1982, Burgher was the recipient of the Bill Orwig Award which is presented to a non-alumnus of IU who has made outstanding contributions to the IU athletic program. She was an honorary "Mother of Sigma Chi" and "Mom Away from Home" for several generations of IU athletes.