Leigh London-Redman


College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Young Alumni Award (2009)
Indiana University Bloomington
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of English and Theater & Drama
B.A., 2000


Leigh London-Redman earned her BA in 2000 with majors in Theatre and Drama and English. In the short time since she graduated from IU, her career has been nothing short of meteoric; she is currently the vice president of drama development for CBS/Paramount Network Television.

After earning her undergraduate degree, she made her way to Los Angeles and , in the time-tested tradition of great success stories, started as a mail clerk at the Agency for the Performing Arts, a mid-size talent and literary agency. was quickly promoted to be the assistant to the head of the Television Literary Department of the agency. She moved from her first position with the Agency for Performing Arts to CBS Productions in 2001, and a year later she became the manager of drama series for CBS. In 2003 she became the director of drama development.

Even while at IU, London-Redman's talents were apparent. She was an active participant in the founding and development of University Players – a student-run theatre organization at IU dedicated to providing further opportunities in the areas of theatrical performance, production, management and educational outreach to undergraduate students of all majors and backgrounds. In 2004, she married IU alumnus Tim Redman.